A little about me, plus links to various, popular articles I have written

A brutally honest look at my alcoholism, spread across several years.

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An insider’s look into what it’s like to battle auditory hallucination

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“The voices, delusions, paranoia, can all feel very real. The first impulse is often to make sense of them on some rational level.”

Diagnostic criteria

The haunting two-minute clip that stands out as a feat of technicolor montage

image credit: Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions

Including a science-fiction experiment about time, and a meditation on the ephemerality of film

1. La Jetee (1962)

image credit: Argos Films

These include the need for a reason, support, and more.

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Finding the right path for you

Symbols of addiction and sobriety in my life

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I’m reposting my (non-winning) contest submission from Vocal’s Graveyard Smash Playlist Challenge for Medium. Happy Halloween!

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I designed the perfect playlist. Guests are going to love this unique and scary experience.

This is coming from someone with a history of chronic mental health challenges, addiction, and physical pain

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An easy exercise

James Gordon

BA and MFA in English (Creative Writing). Admin of Storied Addicts, addiction publication. Likes to write about mental health, film, addiction, and more.

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