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Dear Readers,

Thanks for checking out my work. I’m 34 years old, and have been writing on Medium since May of 2021. I enjoy contributing to a variety of subjects, including writing, math, and mental health.

My educational background is in English — Creative Writing, and I hold BA and MFA degrees in that field. I’m also a lifelong learner and always exploring new subjects on my own.

My hobbies include piano, guitar, poetry, movies, and logic puzzles. I am especially passionate about music. Here is a video of me playing the piano (I’m hoping to eventually make some money…

An unglamorized look at addiction

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Alcoholism is a sleeping giant for me at this point…it has yet to awaken.

I’ve been getting as drunk as possible at every opportunity, but it’s within the socially accepted M.O.; I’m just partying with everybody else. There is no I’ll just have a few drinks. I’m 19. I lose my keys, my phone, and my girlfriend on the same night, puke outside somewhere, slip and crawl around in the mud for a while, and then stumble back to my friend’s place.

There had been a party there earlier. A couple of my buddies are hanging out, lovebirds. They don’t…

If you haven’t done this already, I recommend it ASAP. I’ll walk you through and explain why it’s important.

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What it is

A 401(k) is a retirement account that is familiar to many of us already for being identified with corporations. If you currently or have ever worked for a company, chances are you’re aware of this process, investing some of your paycheck every month to a 401(k) — or some other kind of retirement account.

If you know about it already, you also likely know why it’s such a great deal and a good idea to invest in. This is very promising news for a self-employed writer because you can open one of these for yourself. …

A reminiscence on life after rehab, striving for recovery and fortitude.

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A month has passed, since a seizure landed me on the floor of the courthouse entryway. Its cause was alcohol withdrawal, intensified by psychiatric medications I take for my mental illness.

I was on the way to seeing my probation officer. Mental health court is a blessing for me — I could’ve been sent to prison. I didn’t commit the crimes I was accused of, but others can’t always see that.

I pull away from the recovery center, and the picturesque Pacific Northwest countryside overtakes my vision like a dreamscape.

This was my only Christmas spent inside an institution. It’s…

A story of taking the edge off of sleep and then putting it back on.

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I make it downtown, the long way. I refer to my handwritten instructions, intermittently, sneaking glances during red lights. I always pretend like I know what I’m doing. I’m in my mid-20s. Nothing ever looks the way I expect it to when I get there.

Could that really be the building, right there? No, that can’t be it. Why are there so many people out walking their dogs?

It turns out, that was it. I miss the parking lot. Now I’ve entered the unfortunate zone of running late. …

A little update, reflecting on my progress so far as a newbie.

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Baptism by fire

Most of my articles were experiments in money-making potential, or exercises in self-expression, and the vast majority of them didn’t earn me much money.

The title of this article is a pun. Almost all of my top articles are on sobriety. The best performing articles are in small-ish publications (Self-Published, Alcohol Is Not Your Friend, and Blunt Therapy).

At the end of my second full month, I had published a total of 73 articles, since my first article on May 23 of 2021 (I was also added as a writer to 25 publications).

My articles took me 1–2 hours on…

My wife came up with this idea after seeing how devastated I can get from an angry reader comment.

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Ask for help

A little over two months as a writer, steadily but arduously gaining popularity, I become quickly disgruntled, after a grand total of four rude readers. These are not cases of constructive criticism, but blatant trolling.

An essay-like rant, a chain of petty jabs, a sparse thumbs-down icon. I can’t keep subjecting myself to this — but I’m making good progress with my work, and I refuse to give up.

So I turn to my wife, and think out loud:

“Maybe I should just never read my comments — any of them. That seems like the only way to stop being…

I reminisce about a prized short story from my youth and give my thoughts on how to succeed continuously as a writer

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One of the first big lessons I learned as a writer, is that you have to reiterate your creativity consistently, or you will not maintain your output. It’s the path of every writer to find what success means for them. This is achieved through hard work and dedication.

With some effort, every writer reaches relative successes, however small. The goal is to feel that you have places to go from there so that your progress will be ongoing.

All writers struggle at some point. We sacrifice time, words, energy, and suffer frustration. It’s all part of being a creative person…

You’ll be amazed to hear of how differently people interpret this popular numerical symbol.

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666 — Evil.

If you’re a native of Western culture, chances are you will be familiar with this as a symbol of evil.

Its origin is from the bible, where it is referred to as the number of the beast. It was associated with the emperor Nero, who was responsible for widespread religious persecution of Christians, including the executions of The Apostles — Peter and Paul.

“This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.” -Revelations 13:18, KJV


666 is an example of numerology…

Why identity-dissolution is a pursuit to gladly take part in.

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“The ego, or separate personal identity, is at the root of all suffering in life. Therefore, it is to be destroyed by any means possible. This is Liberation or Enlightenment or Self-Realization.” -Ramana Maharshi

You are so much more than just “you”. The most common understanding of ego in Western culture refers to narcissism. It’s the part of us that says — I’m better than you are. Being “egotistical” commonly means thinking you’re above others.

The more general meaning of it is mentioned above. It is the belief and perception that you are separate from everyone else. It’s your sense…

James Gordon

34, lives in Seattle with wife and baby boy, MFA in Creative Writing. Interests include music, poetry, psychology, film, games, and math.

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